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Julie: Return to Racing

10.08.2017: This race recap is going to be a short one as I am supposed to be studying for my exams coming up in two weeks. But honestly, I’d much rather talk about triathlon than study.



Two weeks ago I raced for the first time since last December. Brett and I decided to do the legendary Alpe d’Huez Triathlon. There were a lot of unknowns going into the race. How fit would I be? How well would I run only four weeks into running. And then there was the hill! I’ve never been scared of a bike course before, but when I saw the climb up to Alpe d’Huez, I started to regret my excitement about doing this race.


(Not sure who was overtaking whom in this picture ;) )


Fortunately, come race day the bike went great. I had a decent swim, the climb didn’t bother me much and I just kept pedalling my way up. Only on the run I started to suffer and had really empty legs. Luckily, I had a lead of about three minutes and made it to the finish line in first.



I am really happy have a come back like this but there is still a lot of work to do to get back to my usual run shape.


Next up: Triathlon Schaffhausen as another trainings race and then come Monday I’ll put all the studying to use and finally get those exams started and over with.




Happy training and racing!


Nina: Learning Process Continues

Currently I am sitting in the library in Zurich, trying to memorize formulas to solve „Orthopaedic Biomechanics“ problems. Head spinning anyway from too much studying, I decided to also write a few lines about my last big race at Alpe d’Huez. I was looking forward to this race for a long time, pretty much since 70.3 Rapperswil, and then suddenly it was race day. Having done this race in 2016 for the first time, I knew better what to expect this time around.

Friends and family know that I was not quite happy after my race this year. The question for me was: how can you be content with a 4th place, being overtaken in the last 20 minutes of a 7hour race? Talking to my coach Susie, I realized the most important thing is to look at the effort and not the ranking. All together I was still 15 minutes faster on the same course than last year. So this is how my race went.

Around 9:20am literally hundreds of people and myself got into the icy waters of lac du verney and swam to the „invisible“ start line. The gun went off and the fight began. There was hitting, pulling, swimming across each other for all of the first 500m. It was actually quite terrible, but at some point I freed myself and could finally find some sort of a rhythm. Towards the end of the swim I overtook another girl and got out of the water in first. 


Find me in the green swimming cap ;)


Quick transition and off for the 120km bike ride I went. For the first 25km, which was rather downhill but with a headwind, I focused on drinking and getting my legs going. At the start of the first hill Col de l’Alpe du Grand Serre Tine (Deckers) came racing past me and I tried to go with her for a couple of k’s, but I knew this race was too long and I need to go my own pace. After a second “little” hill, Col du Malissol, it was downhill for a longer period,  before the start of the third hill, Col d’Ornon. This is when I started to feel really good, no other women have overtaken me yet and I was just pedaling up and over this third hill. On the downhill I then knew I had to get ready for the “real” challenge, Alpe d’Huez. Last year I was already “dead” at the start of Alpe and can’t remember much of how I got up that climb. A last deep breath and I was at the start of the famous 21 bends. The first 6 bends are the worst, everyone kept saying. I was very happy I made it around the first 6 bends without major problems. But slowly I started to feel the exhaustion and I was glad for every cheer out there.




At about half way up the alpe Emma (Pooley) came past me and I actually forgot that she was in the race too and at the same time I was surprised she only overtook me now, after more than a 100+km.  I won’t lie, it was a bit daunting to see how she spinned up the hill, but then again she holds the bike record on this course. Quickly focusing on myself again, putting some more “yummy” gel down my mouth, I grinded up the last 6 bends. I was so looking forward to see my yellow running shoes. Bike racked, shoes on, gels in hand, out I went and then – SHOCK. I felt flat, I felt empty, I felt like saying: there is nothing left in my legs (Actually I probably yelled exactely that at my sister!). Last year I got onto the run and felt like a little bird, smoothly running through the 22km. This year I didn’t know how to make the distance. First lap okay, then running out for the second lap, suddenly someone held a yellow card infront of my face saying something in French and pointing at my number. I was like what the f…. Let’s just say the French take the position of the bib number very seriously. It must be at your front at all times no matter what. After, again yelling at my sister (poor Julie), that she should check if I really had a penalty (it was only a warning!)  I got through the second lap. I could write a lot about how bad it felt, but in the end when Lisa (Roberts) overtook me in the last of three laps, there was not much I could do other than “get myself home”, like Coach Susie told me to.



In hindsight, I am still proud of my race. With every race the learning process continues and I am already looking forward to next couple of races after the exams. As the saying goes “after this race (Alpe d’Huez) you’ll be fitter than ever”.



At this point: Kudos to my two younger sisters. Julie wining her first race post injury, Michelle doing great in her first Ironman ever. I think the DERRON SISTERS ARE ON TOUR. ;)


Michelle: Time flies - a little update

29.07.2017: After IRONMAN 70.3 Rapperswil and the end of semester at Uni we packed up our little car (a Fiat Panda if you’re interested) and started the trip to St. Moritz, this year taking the more comfortable route through Vereina Tunnel after we had had some trouble putting the car through its paces up Julier Pass last year ;). Once settled into our rented apartment it was time to get stuck into Summer Camp with the Squad. Despite not being our first summer up here it is still breathtaking (pun intended) to train in such a beautiful mountain environment.

Sadly for me this bliss only lasted a week and then it was time to board the train back home to Zurich to take this year’s Uni exams. 5 exams within 10 days with some 9+ hours of studying on the days i didnt have an exam was quite intense and by the time the last exam rolled around i was glad my head was screwed on as otherwise i might have lost it somewhere on the way ;)


While i was at home, Nina and Julie were up in St. Moritz getting some serious training in. Nina then went to Italy for a weekend together with Coach/ Athlete Mirjam to race an Olympic Distance in Idro, about a three hour drive away. The name of  the race – „Alive in Hell“ – was an indication of what would turn into an even tougher race than imagined as conditions varied from pouring rain to hail storms during race morning. With some delay the race got underway and Nina swam well, was careful on the bike to then run away from all her competitors on the run to take the victory.


Julie in the meantime was working on her comeback from an early season injury by gradually starting to run again. She was more than happy when she was first allowed outside again after some months in the water and on the AlterG.


The day after my exams another exciting thing happened as we had a meeting with Sponser Sport Food to finalize our future partnership. So now we are very happy to be part of the Sponser Sport Food Family!


After my exams, we have all been up here  and time has passed really quickly with training and also studying for Nina and Julie as they prepare for their Uni exams at the end of August. Me, on the other hand, i’m honing my houswife skills by cooking for my sisters and doing most of the laundry and washing (not that i plan on housewife career,just as a side note;) ).


At the beginning of July, Nina also took part in the Gigathlon in Zurich. A 2-day race consisting of swim, bike, run, mountainbike and trail run in changing order. Nina did it together with a partner and they were going so well they came 2nd only one minute behind the winners after 2 days of tough racing.


The week after Julie had the pleasure (or pain in the ass, dont ask me ;) )  to go home for a week of maths revision as she gets ready (and nervous) for her first ever exams at ETH.


A week later, it was my time to come down from the mountain to race an Olympic Distance in Geneva to get some more race practice under my belt. Contend with my swim and bike, i had a little scare on the run when my left side got really tight and demons of past injuries crept up. So i ended the race with more of a shuffle and was happy to cross the finish line finding i had come 2nd.


Now we are in the middle of a busy week as Nina and Julie had travelled to France to compete in the iconic Alpe d’Huez Triathlon there. While Nina came a great 4th the Long Distance event, Julie took the win in the Olympic Distance event as her first race of the season post injury. (Race reports will follow soon)


Then tomorrow it will be my turn, as i will be on the startline of my first Ironman in Zurich.


Happy racing to all and have a great summer!


Nina: 3rd at Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil

19.06.2017: Sitting in the train I found some time to reflect on my race exactely a week ago at IM 70.3 Rapperswil. This time the train does not quite reach an average speed of 300km/h and beautiful words like „the wildly romantic albula valley to your left“ come out of the speakers.  Yes, I am on my way back to our summer camp in St. Moritz.

weiter lesen...

19.06.2017: Sitting in the train I found some time to reflect on my race exactely a week ago at IM 70.3 Rapperswil. This time the train does not quite reach an average speed of 300km/h and beautiful words like „the wildly romantic albula valley to your left“ come out of the speakers.  Yes, I am on my way back to our summer camp in St. Moritz.

So, to be honest, I was really quite nervous during the week leading up to the race in Rapperswil. I knew I was well prepared and there was no reason why I should not have a good race. However, it being our “home race” and knowing the majority of my competitors definitely added some extra nervosity into the mix of things. Full credit to my coach Susie for keeping me calm and focused.

Sunday 7:57am the gun went off and I sprinted as quickly as possible. I saw Catherine (Jameson) and Daniela (Ryf) overtaking me soon and then the orange cap, meaning my sister Michelle. Out of reflex from our many sessions together I knew this was the moment I must jump onto her feet and then never lose them again. I am very happy I was able to do exactly that and exit the water at the front of the race. Hopping onto the bike, losing my back bottle on the way, I soon found myself riding behind Daniela – So, awesome, right. But I saw Jameson was moving further away at the front. After few minutes of debates going on in my head, my gut and especially my legs just said: Nina, let’s go. So, I did. In hindsight, I think I really just take after my mum – she hates riding behind someone. In the first climb I closed the gap to Jameson and after a bit cat & mouse games, I must have pulled away at the top of the hill on the first lap. From then on, I just kept pushing, not thinking about being at the front, just pedal, pedal, pedal. Of course, I was expecting Daniela or others would eventually catch and overtake me. With 3km to go, Regula (Rohrbach) then came past me and honestly I was like “why now, I’m nearly there”. But no time for thinking, I accelerated and followed her into transition.

Again, not wanting to be behind someone, I ran out first and soon found a good rhythm. I think I’ve learnt from Challenge Rimini that I cannot spend time being scared about who is behind me or not, there were more important things to do. Like: drinking – water over head – water down the top – down gel – drink some more - grab sponge – grab another sponge and follow the guy on the bike – repeat every 2km or so.  The temperatures must have risen to about 30°C by now. The first 10km were no problem, I think I was even pulling away. Then eventually the critical kilometers were coming up. At 14km into the run Daniela came flying past me and even told me to keep going. Back on the concrete section, I tried to gain back some speed all the way up to the stairway to heaven. Thank god, there was some reeling thingy which helped to pull myself up.

Now I really felt the heat affecting me and I had to dig very deep, grabing some coke on the last aid station. That was when my stomach had up enough and I am sorry for everyone who had to watch me actually being sick. The last km I was not my finest hour of running technique and I did not even really realized Emma(Bilham) coming past me in the last 500m. Stumbling across the finish line, I was just very glad to have made it. Then looking up to my mum’s face I realized I made the podium and was just really happy I guess. Obviously, next time I will try to move further up on the podium. ;)

Thanks to the coverage about the race in the Swiss Sport Show, I have now about 10 friends who would like to teach me how to open champagne, saying finally there is something I can do better than you! But no jokes, thanks to everyone for cheering and supporting me!

Next big race will be Alpe d’Huez Long Distance, catch you then.

Derron Sisters in der Zeitung

22.05.17: Letztes Wochenende erschien ein Artikel über uns drei in der Zeitung ''Schweiz am Wochenende''. Den Artikel findet ihr unter dem folgenden Link: '' Die sportlichste WG der Schweiz: Die drei Derron-Schwestern haben im Triathlon Grosses vor''


Derron Sisters Schweiz am Wochenende




Wir sind an den Wettkämpfen von Swiss Triathlon mit dabei. Mehr Infos unter: